FEAR NOT! Men's Retreat 2018

18–20 May 2018 PDT

Tahquitz Pines Conference Center, 55251 South Circle Drive, Idyllwild, CA 92549, USA Map

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Most men would say that there is little that they fear. They are quick to speak with bravado about their fearlessness in the face of danger. And it is highly likely that they would face danger in a manner that we would all call courageous. In the right circumstances, most men would stand up fearlessly, and face whatever danger comes their way.

The phrases “fear not, “do not be afraid”, or “do not fear” appear over 100 times in the Bible. The Lord speaking to great men of God regularly told them to “fear not”. That should say something to each of us. While most men would be fearless in the face of danger, those same men wilt under the spiritual pressure of life.

Our goal with this retreat is to help you walk fearlessly in all areas of your life. The bolder and more fearless we become in our faith, the greater the things we can accomplish in our lives. Let's walk fearlessly with our God!

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